Inkjet Printers

Our printers, print date codes, batch codes and barcodes onto a variety of  
plastics, metals, glass, wood and many other materials.

We use and recommend the following industrial inkjet printers:

  • HP Digital Design Hi Resolution Inkjet Printer
  • Hitachi®,
  • Videojet® and
  • Domino® Industrial Inkjet Printer
  • EC-JET Printer


Industrial Inkjet Sydney
Industrial Inkjet Sydney Solvents and Ink

Solvents & Inks

Our aftermarket consumables are of equal quality to the original but far less in outlay.



Replacement parts are always on hand to ensure minimal interruption to your productivity. Some of our parts are aftermarket parts of equal quality, some parts are original but have reasonable prices.



We understand that in the business world you need to give your clients flexibility and options.
When it comes to printers our rental options are not only easy but also flexible.

We rent machines for a day, week, month or long term, whatever your need may be. Some benefits of rental machines include:

  • No capital outlay
  • Tax deductable
  • Return at anytime
  • Fixed Costs
Industrial Inkjet Sydney Rentals